Dienstag, 17. Januar 2012

One fine day

One fine day I shall walk with my head held high
My back ever so straight
My strides long and purposeful
As I take my walk
My hips will swing from left to right
With absolutely no thought about cellulite
My breasts will have a dose of sanity
And disobey the laws of gravity
I will carry a large bag
Full of everything I need
For work, for play and for looking good
Everything, that is,
Except money
But who cares?

For on this fine day
I will not be alone
I will be walking with those who do not care
About being a size four, fourteen, or forty
About being eighteen, eighty or eight-nine,
With those who are not bothered
About the difference between Somalia and Somaliland
Nor the distance between Cape Verde and Cape Town

Yet they know about dreams and visions

They know about hopes and aspirations
They know that if you work hard enough
Think big enough
Dream large enough
And live long enough
Dreams do come true
And visions do come to life
And that we don't have to die
Before we go to heaven

On this fine day I will walk

Bag full of this and that
My body responding to the warm caress of the sun
And even if it is cold
I will walk free of all the symbols and signifiers that tell me
I am less than who I am

Those I am walking with will know how I feel
We are walking a road we have all paved together
And it is finally taking us to the places we want to go

Oh, how I will enjoy my walk
On this fine day
With all my sisters
And the brothers who would like to join us

(Dame Nita Borrow)

Von den Sehnsüchten der Menschen
singt der Wind ein Lied
von den Träumen der Menschen
schweigt der Sternenhimmel
und jede Schneeflocke

gleicht einer nicht geweinten Träne
die vollkommene Stille
der wir uns nur noch ganz selten stellen
ist erfüllt
von ungesagten Worten

nicht gezeigten Gesten  
verdrängten Liebeserklärungen
unausgesprochenen Verwundungen
in dieser vollkommenen Stille
liegt unsere Wirklichkeit verborgen
deine und meine

 (Margot Bickel)