Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Open the book of tales you knew by heart
begin driving the old roads again
repeating the old sentences, which have changed
minutely from the wordings you remembered

(adrienne rich)

The world and I

This is not exactly what I mean
Any more than the sun is the sun.
But how to mean more closely
If the sun shines but approximately?
What a world of awkwardness!
Perhaps this is as close a meaning
As perhaps becomes such knowing.
Else I think the world and I
Must live together as strangers and die--
A sour love, each doubtful whether
Was ever a thing to love the other.
No, better for both to be nearly sure
Each of each-- exactly where
Exactly I and exactly the world
Fail to meet by a moment, and a word.

(Laura Riding)